The municipal government of Santa Cruz de Tenerife presented today at a press conference the Special Plan of Arrangement front of the Playa de Las Teresitas and management proposal that contemplates an urban, modern new parking spaces park as well as a road network completely updated.

This Special Plan is a planning tool for development in the field of Front of Playa de Las Teresitas, according to the current General Plan (PGO), following the determinations contained in the planned management. Thus it was revealed in the press conference, which was attended by the mayor of the municipality, Jose Manuel Bermudez, the first deputy mayor, Zaida Gonzalez and Council of Territorial Planning and Infrastructure and Anaga district, Carlos Garcinuño and Jose Alberto Diaz Estebanez, respectively.

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Bermudez said the project has taken into account the public participation process, La Playa We Want, “incorporating essential for the future of Las Teresitas elements, such as an interchange bus and tram, improved access and parking, which in any case They will be public. ”

“The people of San Andrés continued the mayor, will win new public spaces, with a large urban park, a pedestrian walkway and spaces for leisure and water sports, and a bike path.” The proposed arrangement is completed with a plot of hotel use as provided for in planning effective and compatible with environmental protection.

He according highlighted the Third Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Territorial Planning, Carlos Garcinuño, “it is estimated that the document may be approved later this year, and that the investment needed for -prevista realization for 2019 would exceed 30 million euros “.

“The drafters of the proposal have worked in coordination with the Planning Department of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by its own technical criteria, but assuming the structural organization of PGO, which is binding,” said the mayor.

Meanwhile, the first deputy mayor, Zaida Gonzalez, showed “our total satisfaction to note that we are meeting the objectives we set ourselves with the stability plan that resulted in this group of government, as is the culmination of planning the city, which will provide us with legal certainty; Teresitas urban beach will all chicharreros, with services of the century “.

The seventh Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Infrastructure and Anaga district, Jose Alberto Diaz Estebanez, remarked that this proposed special plan “is of no resignation and achieving the beach we deserve, recovery of illusion for those aspirations we all know we can get, Santa Cruz and San Andrés general in particular. ”


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